One Team with one Focus: To Give Back and Create Hope and YOU make it All Possible!

YOU and The Mehl Team Gives Back-1

The Mehl Team has been giving back to our communities and ministries for many years and helping to give HOPE to many hurting people and YOU make it all possible!
Every Home Purchase and Sale makes a huge difference all across the nation and around the world. Together we team up with great organizations to accomplish what might seem like the Impossible. But every time someone chooses The Mehl Team, Lives are Saved and Hope is delivered.

Suezette and I are directly involved in many of these live saving events as well as giving.

The Mehl Team Gives Back 10% off their earnings to local ministries to help bring HOPE to those in Need!
We together have been a part of;

Our Giving Accomplishes

  • Provided  over half a million pounds of food to families.
  • Provided over 40,000 meals to seniors, shut-ins, healthcare workers, police officers and first responders.
  • Saved the lives of over 1,500 people through 14 blood drives at our campuses.
  • Donated 3,500 backpacks filled with supplies.
  • Distributed $1,320,000+ to support churches while their doors were closed.
  • Provided marriage counseling for over 1,500 people and helped over 1,500 people struggling with depression and anxiety.
  • Suezette and I provide marriage mentoring and counseling for a large group of local young couples and have seen miraculous changes in relationships.
  • Donated $25,000 to local food banks.
  • Made over 20,000 phone calls to seniors each month during the pandemic.

  • 290 miles of destruction caused many people to lose their homes and loved ones.  Christmas seemed to be a lost hope this year.  Thanks to the faithfulness of our partners, like YOU and The Mehl Team, together we were able to send $40,000 and help fill a semi-trailer with Christmas gifts for the children.
  • Continued our eleventh straight year of providing 272,000 mean each month to those in desperate need in Haitti
  • Continued partnering with New Beginnings and the LA Dream Center to expand their missions of restoration and rehabilitation.
  • Completed our $1 million dollar commitment to construct the Eshkol Fortified School in Israel which provides protection and safety for the children and families in the region facing frequent terrorist attacks and mortar fire.
  • Supported many of the 190,000 Holocaust survivors who live in poverty and have experienced difficult times this year in COVID-19 lockdowns.